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01When we decided to move to Kyrenia four years ago, we asked a few family friends living here for advice, and asked about the best and the most reliable construction company in the area. We got the answer: Özyalçın Construction, without exception. In fact, when you travel around Kyrenia, you will see the "Özyalçın" signature on all the structures that impact the texture of Kyrenia. We talked to Özyalçın without any hesitation and, especially thanks to the hospitable approach of Ms. Pelin, we bought a villa and a flat. Zero problems, full satisfaction. When you want instant contact, friendly and helpful management and staff are encountered. We are extremely satisfied. After that, for any investments that we are going to make in Kyrenia, we said “Özyalçın” without exception. Thanks to all employees.

– Coygun R. Yağız, 51, Kyrenia – North Cyprus


01I have been doing business with Özyalçın construction for more than 2 years. Our relationship started as customer and seller, and has become a warm and close friendship. According to my experience, knowledge and feelings, this is a very honest company with a developed corporate structure. The twin sisters who are the owners of the company have great responsibilities at a young age and lead the company with their diligence and work ethic. They are successful enough to set an example for other companies. They follow up and correct any minor deficiencies or mistakes, and solemnly approach problems, looking for a remedy. In short, I have peace of mind when handing myself over to their integrity and workflow. I am extremely happy about this friendship that we have established by meeting through business.

– Aynur Çanlı, 78, Muğla – Turkey


01When I thought about investment in North Cyprus, I started to work with Özyalçın Construction and, first of all, I felt that there was no discrimination between their customers. I also recommended them to many of my friends with full confidence that they were very trustworthy and very serious about their work. A company I fully approve of and trust. And I have also made a very good friend after this sale. Many thanks.

– Zekayi Katipoğlu, 69, Gaziantep – Turkey


01Özyalçın Construction has been working for a long time in the construction industry. Their staff was very friendly and helpful, and provided a full service to all customers. I personally experienced their assistance in the search for solutions as they worked on all material and spiritual problems as if they were their own. The houses and villas built by this company, which provides a great service to the TRNC, are of very high quality. In the case of any problems after the completion of a project, they take responsibility as a company and intervene instantly whenever necessary. I will continue to be a follower and customer of Özyalçın Construction and wish for this relationship to continue for many years.

– Tamer Azizoğlu, 57, İstanbul – Turkey


01Özyalçın Construction is a serious, customer-focused organisation that builds quality buildings and places importance on modern designs as well as modern building techniques. They are also a responsible company that can solve the smallest of problems after the sale, and I am very happy to work with them.

– Hanife Yusufoğlu, 57, Famagusta – North Cyprus


01My first meeting with Ms. Pelin and the Özyalçın family was 3 years ago, when I was buying my home in Özyalçın Apt.182. I was fascinated by the quality of care that they showed towards not just their construction, but also me, as if they were someone from the family. They made me feel like my house is a gift and I had bought my house without paying any money. Feeling this is the result of exceptional success.

– Öner Bozdağlı, 52, Kyrenia – North Cyprus


01I am very happy to have worked with you, and I realise how very right I was to buy a house from Özyalçın Construction. The quality of the construction, the completion of the construction period, the services delivered after the handover and the very positive behaviour and approach of Ms. Pelin and Yağmur Özyalçın… This is something that we usually miss nowadays. I would like to recommend Özyalçın Construction to all those who want to own real estate in North Cyprus, and I can give you my contact details as a reference.

– Özalp Argüder, 69, İstanbul – Turkey


01Buying a home is almost everyone's dream. As a homeowner, the most beautiful way to realize this is the difference you feel when you buy your home from Özyalçın Construction. First of all, you feel familial warmth as well as their professionalism. They offer you the best options within your means and you will receive the most accurate guidance towards you beautiful future home. You can find the qualities of being a family company as well as having years of experience and confidence at Özyalçın. Trust is important; you cannot buy a home from a company you do not trust. At Özyalçın, you know that any requests will 100% be resolved and that if there is a problem, they will find the best solution. They are not only good at building homes, but also at landscaping. Thank you for supporting us and helping us find our home.

– Dicle Bingül, 32, Surinam – South America


01Dear Özyalçın Family, and especially Ms. Pelin, as a result of our acquaintance which started about 5 years ago, we not only bought apartments from your company, but also gained very special friends in North Cyprus. Thank you for your professionalism, honesty and your smiles.

Gerçek and Kürşat Alnıaçık, 42 and 57, Istanbul – Turkey


01I loved my friend, the late Oğuz Özyalçın like my son, and he always had a healthy respect towards me. As a company, Özyalçın Construction has always been at the foreground of the construction industry and has greatly contributed to the growth in Kyrenia over the past 25 years. May it long continue to offer the excellent service and quality it has provided over the years.

– Erten Irikzade, Kyrenia, North Cyprus


01Two years ago, I had to sell the house I had been living in for 23 years. It was the hardest decision of my life because I could not easily change my habits. It was very difficult to decide to sell the house, and even more difficult to decide to move to a new environment. I visited a lot of projects and looked at so many houses… In my despair, a close friend suggested Özyalçın Construction to me, and told me that I had to visit their buildings. Company officials offered us a number of alternatives, and it did not take me long to decide once I saw them. Özyalçın Construction’s buildings are generally very spacious, the construction work is much better than other companies and, most importantly, there is very little dead space in their designs. Everything was very detailed. From the day we bought the house to the day we transferred the title deed, each phase was tracked with great seriousness. They were great at intervening and trying to find a solution if there were any problems. My biggest dream in life now is to buy a house for my children from Özyalçın. Stay with love.

– Hayriye Umar, 52, Kyrenia – North Cyprus