Page 36 - Özyalçın Construction
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South Sea       Tahitian        Akoya
            Specifications of Perla                                               Penthouse 1      Penthouse 2      Apartments     Apartments      Apartments       Shop 1      Shop 2
                                                                                                                      (3+1)           (2+1)          (1+1)

            Indoor parking on basement
                                                      Open Plan Living Room
            Secured site entrance
                                                           Porcelain tile
            to the A and B blocks                            flooring
            Security cameras                           Hidden multi inverter
            Camera system surveying                         A/C units
            communal areas
                                                        Open Plan Kitchen
            Swimming pool (90 m²)
                                                          Cabinets with
            Gym (200 m²)                                   Akrilux doors

            Children's Playground                           Steel sinks
            (with Tartan flooring)
                                                          4 cm laminate
            Landscaped garden                              counter tops
                                                           Porcelain tile
            Panoramic Lifts
            in the A ve B blocks
                                                      Mechanical ventilation
            Fire extinguisher
            Dry and wet fire
            extinguishing system                            Bedrooms                3 rooms          3 rooms         3 rooms         2 rooms         1 room

            Fire doors                                  Wall mounted split
                                                         inverter A/C units
            Fire resistant doors on
            the entrance hall floor                   Matte melamine wardrobes
                                                         with sliding doors
            Water tank
                                                        Laminated parquet
            Central water tank                               flooring
                                                        En-suite Bathroom           3 rooms          3 rooms          1 room         1 room           N/A
            Central generator for the
            public areas
            Marble Works
            Communal hallway and stairs                       Toilet
            are made of granite
                                                      Mechanical ventilation

                                                         Apartment doors                                     American panel interior doors; lacquered exterior doors
            Warranty System
                                                         Joinery and glass                           Black aluminium joinery with thermal and sound insulation, comfort glass

                                                             Balcony                              Tempered or laminated glass railings and outdoor ceramic tiling on all balconies
            Air-conditioning    3 years
            Plumbing            1 year
                                                         Intercom system                                                   Colour video Intercoms
            Electricity         1 year
            Paint               3 years
                                                      TV system and internet                                         Central satellite system and internet
            Structural          5 years
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